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Terceira Island Azores

Terceira Island is located in the central group of the Azores. The island's length is 29 km and the width is 18km. Terceira has a population of 56.000 people. The highest point is Serra de Santa Barbara (1,022 m). The view from this point is breathtaking. The island's length is 29 km and the width is 18km. The natural landscape is of great beauty with beautiful scenery and great varieties. 

The historical centre of Angra do Heroísmo, is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the oldest city in the Azores dating back to 1534. The town was struck in 1980 by a huge earthquake, but many beautiful buildings are still preserved, such as a very large cathedral and a bullfighter arena. The second most important town on Terceira is Praia da Vitoria. It is located close to the American airbase in Lajes, which is the civil airport of Terceira. From here you can fly to all the islands.

terceira   terceira

Besides the monuments and buildings Terceira offers good conditions for watersports, walking trips. A visit to the Caldeira de Cuilherme Moniz is a must. This large vulcano crater is the largest of the Azores. Also for speleologists Terceira has some interesting caves of which the caves of Algar do Carvão are best known. From may till september one can enjoy the festivities on this island.

terceira terceira

Terceira Highlights

Villages and Culture

  • Angro do Heroismo: one of the most beautiful cities of the Azores. Sé de Sao Salvador, Igreja de Sao Goncalo, Convento da Esperanca, Palacio Bettencourt, Palacio dos Capitaes Generais,  museums, Castelo de Sao Joao Baptista do Monte Brasil, the Marina, the Castelo de Sao Sebastiao.
  • Praia da Vitoria: Pacos do Concelho, Igreja Matriz de Santa Cruz., Igreja do Senhor Santo Cristo das Misericordias, and the Marina.
  • Biscoitos: nice village on the north side of the island. The Holy host Chapel, Igreja Paroquial de Sagrado Coracao de Jesus, the wine fields and the wine museum.
angra heroismo terceira


  • Caldeira do Guilherme Moniz : the largest Caldeira of the Azores
  • Praia da Vitória
  • Estrada da Doze Ribeiras (Twelve Rivers Road) - This area has been designated a Natural Park due to its botanical, scientific and scenic value.
  • Lagoa do Negro: small lake
  • The peaks Bagacina and Cabrito
  • Algar do Carvão – deep caves with an interior lake.

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